How to Make Money with Clickbank Step by Step

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The key point to help you make money online with Clickbank is to choose good products to promote and ultimately, starting making money as an affiliate.


How to Make Money with ClickBank – Step by Step

The first step is about creating an account

If you don’t have an account you have to join click bank: click here and create your account as an affiliate!

Then you have to go to marketplace tab at the top of the page and click there.

When you hit marketplace you can start to browse by category. At this stage you have to choose a category of your interest or something that you want to learn about it.

When it comes to learn how to make money with clickbank choosing a niche that you are familiarized with turns the process even easier.

Now, before you browse for products in a specific category there is something that you must know.

  • Clickbank is the major retailer of digital products in the world and they do their best to get rid of low quality products, nevertheless there is a lot of useless products. So, you have to know how to pick what is worth it promoting.

How can you do this?

The answer: by understanding some of the data provided by Clickbank.

The first data that you must look carefully is gravity!

Gravity is kind of an obscure measurement but it gives you an idea of how many people/affiliates are making money online by selling that product.

The data is compiled based on the last 8 weeks and each affiliate that makes sales on this period can add the maximum of 1 point and the minimum of 0.1 to the gravity of a product.

So, using a roughly approximation we can assume that if the gravity of a product is 40, it can indicate that there are about 80 affiliates making money from that product.

If you want to know how to make fast money with clickbank, don’t choose products which the gravity is very high.

Understanding How to Make Money with Clickbank
To refine your search, you have to visit the affiliate section on the merchant’s page to try to extract more data!
Where can you find this section?

Some of the merchants add their affiliate page into clickbank marketplace but others don’t, for those, you have to go to the main site, scroll down at the bottom of the page and look for affiliates or jv (joint ventures).

When you click these links you will have access to all the tools provided for the merchant.
But for now, forget about the tools and look for EPC and Refund Rate on the affiliate’s page.
The ideal product has a high EPC and a low Refund Rate.

EPC stands for earnings per click.
If you want to really understand how to make money with clickbank you have to learn to analyze EPC.

Why?? Imagine this scenario.

You built your website, are driving traffic to it, people are clicking through your affiliate link but no one is buying! It’s terrible. EPC is that important!